A product range designed and developed for Art d'inox in 2009 thought both for Asian and Western in India. The collection takes inspiration from the shapes, colors and sections of different plants fruits, seeds and flowers.


Stainless steel is a relatively new material, but in the Indian culture it is not considered as noble as brass or copper. "Terracotta" and ceramic are on the other hand materials that have had a longer history, but because of the association between the material and the person who works with it ("Kumar" in Hindi means potter and he is part of the lower caste of artisans) the material itself is considered of low value. The same is true for another material which we see around us everywhere, cement.


By introducing a narrative to the objects these "cultural barriers" are removed bringing the different materials to the same level, emphasizing the fact that good design transcends all barriers to the common good.


The umbrella holder is available at the "U store" and the product was a finalist the Home Review Design Mile competition in Mumbai 2010.



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