A collaboration with NOKIA carried out in '06 through Central Saint Martins. The intention of the project was to use different tangible "configuration" for different functions.


The result is a product whose interface can be looked at and be used in different ways.


The separate units hinge freely and the product changes from an address book configuration to a calling one. The user interacts with the phone using touch screens and information can be typed or handwritten with a stick-pen allowing sending and receiving of handwritten SMS.


The interface makes "number-hunting" a direct task and exchanging phone numbers and files is made easy by the drag and drop function. Just connect your friend's phone to yours and move the contacts from one device to the other intuitively.


When relaxing at home or on the move, two or more phones connected together transforming the two devices into a bigger screen surface allowing the users to play "one on one" or table games, watch TV together and much more.



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