Review by M.Knowles


"Chairs are the most difficult furniture items to design. Along with beauty and elegance they need strength, usability and comfort. Being a loyal "Udinese" and now a born again Indian, he set out to discover what was missing by developing a new chair design.


Oonce the frame work was designed and engineered on the computer, Asquini worked with skilled crafts men to fine tune the design, and the result speak for itself.


The ergonomics are perfect, the structure is sound and most importantly the wood use is minimal. It is the perfect bridge between hi tech design and hand made. An object of desire forged from the minds, hands and hearts of a great Designer/Maker bond.


Some chairs use over 3 cubic feet of timber per piece. In the case of the cane chair the consumption is less than 0.8Cubic feet. A practical approach to sustainability."


The chair was exibited at the British High Commission for the event organized to welcome Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.


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